sabato 22 marzo 2014

500+ tumblr followers gifts! :D

Hey everyone! :D

I haven't been very active lately, due SIFF and a busy real life. However, seen I got some free time, I decided to create a gift for my 500+ followers on tumblr.
Let's start with an animation pack, dedicated to my newest machinima: blackheart.

Here's the list:

  • blackheart1
  • blackheart2
  • blackheart3
  • blackheart6
  • blackheart10
  • blackheart11
  • blackheart12
  • blackheart13
  • blackheart14
  • blackheart15
  • blackheart16
  • blackheart19
  • blackheart20
  • blackheart24
  • blackheart27
  • blackheart27
  • blackheart28
  • blackheart29
  • blackheart30
  • tormentedsleep
see how they work here:



Accessories made by me (work as rings/earrings)

  • AK47

  • SPAS12

  • M60

  • MP5

Haven't you watched Blackheart yet?
Do it now! :)


  • do not reupload any of my creations on paysites,
  • do not claim my stuff as your own,
  • do not steal/clone my CC.
  • give credit when you use my stuff.

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Duct Tape!

Tired of hearing your girl talking the whole time?
Tired of neverending conversations between neighbourgs?
Tired of listening to bullshit?

Here's the solution! 

Duct Tape!

To shut your sims's mouth now and forever!

Recolorable, works as a blush. Do not add any lipstick or it'll show up!

Custom Thumb!

Enjoy don't reupload on paysites, steal my contents and claim as yours!