sabato 28 maggio 2011

Lovely Couple (sims 3 custom poses by Hds_creations)

hello everybody!

I've created until now, several custom poses in TS3. Some are ready to be published, and other are under progress. But, hopefully, I've created a bunch of interesting couple poses that might be appreciated as well.

so, let's introduce them!

Male: a_hds_pose_08     Female: a_hds_pose_07

Male: a_hds_pose_17 Female: a_hds_pose_18

Male: a_hds_pose_12  Female: a_hds_pose_11

Male: a_hds_pose_13  Female: a_hds_pose_14

please, make sure you have Pose Player before download this; use "moveobjects on" to move your sims and press "alt" to make the pose more precise.

Enjoy! (and please, do not claim them as your own)